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Formpak software provides specialist industry solutions and tools for:

Formulation Development

Formpak's formulation tools include rapid ingredient selection, creation history, easy handling of multi-level formulations, side by side composition view, powerful regulatory tools and real-time suitability checks. Product life cycle management tools and permissions give you robust control and traceability

Regulatory Affairs

Formpak contains configurable properties and compliance checks to manage regulatory affairs across ingredients and formulations for different regions and product sectors. Examples include calculating information such as GHS, Transport, IFRA, Allergens and Nutritional information.

Document Management

Formpak enables you to author many documents and labels, including Safety Data Sheets and Supply labels in 30 languages, Technical Specifications and IFRA Certificates. Additionally, you can easily track the supply of documents and automate revisions and updates to customers.

Product Management

From the moment an ingredient or formulation is created, it can be managed traceably and safely. Previous versions of compositions and properties are automatically stored so you have an ongoing history of your products. Formpak includes powerful searching tools so you can find the right products in vast libraries based on any criteria including price, regulatory compliance and sensory attributes.

Project Management

With Formpak's flexible project system you can customise and build your own project templates to include tasks, workflow and status, allowing real time collaboration. You can also use our reporting tools to help with analysis of work in house, past and present.


Our industry-leading expertise and support is one of the reasons our customers love us - our friendly and helpful team is only a call or an email away. Every Formpak system includes the Formpak Introduction Manual and the latest help centre with hundreds of focussed topics about how to use the software. The support centre within our website has additional guidance on regulations and other complex topics. New customers get a free training allowance and support is included in every package.

For examples of how Formpak can add value to your company, please visit our Case Studies page.

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