Technical Requirements

The Formpak application is a Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) application. The middleware on which it runs includes Apache Tomcat application server and IBM DB2 database. The application's user interface is web browser based. It does not require the installation of any particular applications or browser plug-ins, just a web browser plus a PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat Reader) if the browser does not include this.

The supported web browsers are recent versions of:


Formpak is installed by remote control by Formpak personnel. Initially all of the middleware components must be installed along with the application itself and the initial data. Subsequently only the application and data need to be updated.

Importing data

Formpak can import data in a variety of formats such as Excel, CSV and fixed column text.

System requirements

Enterprise & Group Edition

Personal Edition

Formpak Personal Edition can also run on a Mac via a virtual PC (e.g. Parallels) with a similar specification.

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