Safety data sheet authoring

Formpak software enables you to author and manage safety data sheets for substances and mixtures across many global requirements, for example in accordance with REACH and OSHA.

Different styles of safety data sheet can be generated from a single system and multiple languages are also available. Formpak can take care of all your SDS authoring and management requirements.

How does it work?

Substances: Safety, technical and physical information about the ingredients you use and produce is stored within the system. These details can be called upon to produce detailed safety data sheets and other technical documents. When a safety data sheet has been supplied to a customer (or other stakeholder), the document is retained on the Formpak system so you always know what information you have sent to your customers. In addition, the information contained in the safety data sheet, for example the hazards associated with the ingredient, are monitored. If any important changes occur, the safety data sheet will be automatically revised and flagged for re-supply. In this way, you, your documents, and your customers are always up to date.

Mixtures: Safety information for mixtures can be calculated based on methods laid down in appropriate legislation.

In each case the levels of components, their hazards and additional information are taken into account. The safety information can be calculated in just a few seconds and the results are stored, monitored and updated on an ongoing basis. In a similar way to how substances are handled by the software, once a safety data sheet has been supplied, the information is monitored and if anything changes, the safety data sheet will be revised and flagged for re-supply.


Formpak has an extremely flexible approach to properties and documents which means that safety data sheets and other documents can benefit from customisation. In this way the preferences of you and your customers can be reflected in your documents.

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