Project Management

You can use Formpak to manage many types of projects such as standard sample requests and development projects, marketing and technical projects, plus combinations of diverse tasks.

Project Management is very flexible and allows you to specify different types of project behaviour and the tasks within them. This enables the unique requirements of your projects to be implemented with the simplicity or complexity required.

A project manager can be assigned to oversee the project; users can be assigned to tasks simultaneously or separately with different target deadlines; you can specify what information is required at input or answer stage; you can add attachments to give additional information as part of the project or the answer to it, and there are also tools for users to manage workload.

Searching and analysis tools

There are user-friendly searches to see current work requirements which can be focused on particular users, customers and scenarios. Related searches can be done to analyse work and effort related to Projects and Tasks in a particular scenario including focus by customer, application, responder, project manager and over a given timeframe.