Product Development & Management Software

Formulation development

Formpak can streamline and speed up the process of product development. New formulations can be added quickly and easily. Cost and other properties are calculated during the formulation development process. An important feature is the ability to see regulatory information and gain compliance reassurance during product development, allowing formulators to work more efficiently and independently without having to wait for checks from other departments.

Product Management

From the moment an ingredient or formulation is created, it can be managed traceably and safely. Previous versions of compositions and properties are automatically stored so you have an ongoing history of your products.

Project management

You can use Formpak to manage many types of projects such as standard sample requests, development projects and technical projects, plus combinations of diverse tasks.

Project Management facilities in Formpak allow you to specify different types of projects and associated behaviour and tasks. In this way the system can reflect your processes, they can be changed when needed and you have a ready tool to help manage current workload and report on historical projects. Formpak offers tools to help users manage workloads.

Library management

Categorisation and library retrieval make finding products easier.

Formpak has a range of library management tools for classifying and retrieving both ingredients and formulations. In addition to standard search terms such as name and price, you can search for items using customised and complex criteria. Searches can also include suitability checks to determine in seconds if an ingredient or formulation is compliant for a given set of circumstances.

When matching products are found, you can view or print the selection and choose the information to be included in your report.

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