Nutritional information

Formpak Software enables you to determine and calculate nutritional information for ingredients and formulations.

Calorific contributions can be calculated in seconds and there are customisable documents which can be used to communicate this information to customers. Other nutritional data can also be stored and calculated, so you can view and report data including:

All properties in Formpak are easy to customise and add to which means you have full control of what information you manage and how you report it.

Formpak includes Document Management features which give great visibility on information supplied to customers so you know the full picture about your products and your customers do too. Documents such as nutrition statements, specifications and labels can be generated, customised and tracked.

Formpak enables complete and transparent management of product status, and supply of information using the combined features of Certification, Document Management and Suitability Management.

Formpak enables you to:

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