Library Management

Formulation and ingredient library and retrieval

With large numbers of ingredients or formulations, it can be difficult to quickly locate the product that meets your customer requirements.

Formpak has a range of tools for classifying and retrieving both ingredients and formulations. In addition to standard search terms such as name and price, you can search by safety status, suitability for customers, sensory properties - in fact almost any property you can think of and define:

There are endless possibilities and they can be customised by you. When matching products are found, you can view or print the selection and choose the information to be included in your report.


Formpak has a simple tool called "Baskets". If you see a product you like, add it to one of your Baskets and it will stay there until you need it. You can add useful information about items to Baskets and interact with other areas of the system too. You can add the Basket contents to a task, print documents for them, suitability check them and more. It is a convenient way of collecting and moving things around.

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