Regulatory Management Software

Regulatory affairs management is an increasingly complex and critical part of formulation industries.

Formpak has legislation management features which:

Globally Harmonized System - GHS

Formpak software can help manage the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System, by producing compliant Safety Data Sheets and labels in multiple languages.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) lays down a globally agreed method for classification based on hazards and how this should be communicated on labels and in safety data sheets.

GHS is aspirational, not compulsory, and different global regions have adopted GHS in slightly different ways, including versions such as European CLP and USA OSHA.

Formpak activities will continue to be focussed on:

International Fragrance Association - IFRA

IFRA 49th Amendment

During the consultation period for the IFRA 49th Amendment we have been preparing for the upcoming changes to ensure customers can transition to the new standards seamlessly. When the consultation is concluded and IFRA 49th details are published, Formpak will be ready within one month with new IFRA 49 calculations and an additional IFRA Certificate.

Formpak customers will be able to see results for both the current IFRA standards and the IFRA 49th amendments simultaneously during the transition period. This also enables comparisons between the IFRA methodologies and choice about when to complete the move to IFRA 49th.

We can optionally help customers to add the ingredients limits within IFRA 49th standards to existing raw materials, with a data comparison and import.

IFRA Limit Calculations

The International Fragrance Association requirements, as with many others, have become increasingly complex in recent years. Some particularly complex requirements arise from:

Formpak software can calculate IFRA limits in all circumstances and produce appropriate IFRA certificates.

In common with all regulatory and technical documents in Formpak, IFRA certificates can be tracked, monitored and flagged for re-supply (for example when there is a new IFRA Amendment).

By combining the power of Suitability Management and Document Management you can completely manage the information coming into and out of the regulatory department. Formpak gives you:

Suitability and Compliance Management

This enables users to determine in seconds if an ingredient or formulation is suitable for given criteria such as:

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