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In Formpak you can manage IFRA Standards for ingredients, natural complex substances and their components. You can also author and manage IFRA Certificates for raw materials and fragrances. 


Managing IFRA with Formpak

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) provide IFRA Standards to ensure the safe use of fragrance ingredients. These requirements, in common with many others, have become increasingly complex in recent years. Some particularly complex requirements arise from:

  • IFRA QRA and QRA2 Methods (Quantitative Risk Assessment)
  • Essential oils as Natural Complex Substances
  • IFRA limits for essential oils, containing IFRA-limited constituents
  • IFRA limits for accumulating materials

IFRA Standards can be fully managed in Formpak. Our team members have worked directly on IFRA standards for decades and understand both how IFRA limits should be calculated and why.

IFRA limits can be added for aromachemicals, natural complex substances (NCS) and their components. You can group related components together to properly take account of all sources relevant to a Standard, for example citral and rose ketones. 

IFRA limits for ingredients and formulations can easily be calculated, reported and kept up to date. During product development you can access rapid feedback to be confident you develop IFRA compliant fragrances, based on the specific applications the fragrancce needs to work in.

You can author IFRA Certificates for IFRA 49th and 48th Amendment independently and also report both sets in a combined Certificate - which can be very useful for customers during the introduction phase. Some clients go even further and combine IFRA information with European Cosmetic Limits.

Staying up to date 

Ingredients and formulations can change over time so IFRA limits can be automatically re-calculated to ensure they are always up to date. In turn this can trigger new versions of IFRA Certificates and a prompt to send revisions to previous customers. This is all configurable and under your control.

Formpak closely monitor changes to the guidelines and IFRA Standards, preparing well in advance so the software is updated quickly when a new IFRA Amendment is issued.   

We can also provide ingredient IFRA limits in Formpak, for you to use as a reference or help further by adding IFRA limits directly to your raw materials.


Formpak can also enable you to produce Safety Data Sheets, GHS and CLP hazard labels and generate transport classifications. Your ERP or other computer systems can be integrated with Formpak so business critical regulatory data is accurately available where you need it. 

If you need to provide Poison Centre Notifications to ECHA, we have a tool to make this time consuming process as straight forward as possible.  

For further information or to arrange an online demonstration, please contact us.