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Formpak allows you to manage GHS hazards for multiple regions and author hazard labels and Safety Data Sheets in over 30 languages.


Managing GHS with Formpak

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) lays down a globally agreed method for classification based on hazards and how this should be communicated on labels and in Safety Data Sheets.

GHS is aspirational, not compulsory, and different global regions have adopted GHS in slightly different ways, including versions such as European CLP and USA OSHA.

Formpak software can help you manage the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System. We include many automatic calculations so you can produce different GHS results based on regional rules, from one data set. This means you can calculate data for CLP, OSHA GHS and 'purple book GHS' simultaneously.

In addition, you can author different formats of compliant Safety Data Sheets and hazard labels in over 30 languages. Transport classifications are also automatically calculated. If you have products with exceptions, you can easily override the calculated values to show other information.

Staying up to date

Your ERP or other computer systems can be integrated with Formpak so business critical regulatory data is accurately available where and when you need it.


Many clients globally use Formpak to provide hazard labelling information to their manufacturing systems, so all their products have compliant labels and related documentation. This additionally reduces problems during product supply with freight and at customs.

Formpak can also be used to manage product specific regulatory affairs such as for flavours, fragrances, cosmetics and chemicals.

For further information or to arrange an online demonstration, please contact us.