Software for Essential Oils

With almost 30 years experience working in the aroma trades, we understand the complexity of essential oils, the special requirements of the industry, and of the industries using them.

Safety Data Sheets, documents and labels

With Formpak you can produce, supply and manage documents such as:

Safety Data Sheets, labels and other documents can be produced in different languages.

Regulatory affairs

Formpak software enables the calculation of IFRA limits and allergen levels, and the authoring of safety data sheets, product labels and complex product specifications. Formpak enables you to determine which allergens are present and at what level. When looking at a formulation, this calculation includes all contributions from essential oils and other complex ingredients.

Formpak is a powerful partner in helping manage the requirements of legislation and customer restrictions. It can determine compliance with a vast number of different parameters. Formpak allows you to set up full document traceability and set conditions to trigger re-supply, providing confidence and significant time-saving in keeping customer documentation fully up-to-date.

By combining the power of Suitability Management and Document Management you can completely manage the information coming into and out of the regulatory and technical department. Formpak gives you:

Essential oil selection

Essential oil selection is easy using the product library and retrieval features. You can select from existing ingredients or formulations, those items which meet your criteria across:

Product development

Formpak enables you to streamline product development and gain transparency on the process.

The ability to view multiple formulation or essential oil compositions side-by-side and even view different versions of the same formulation means Formpak is friendly to developers and formulators. Access to information about odour, taste, stability, availability, cost, status and safety is at your fingertips.

You can quickly assess the legislative and technical status during product development. This can determine if the product meets the regulatory requirements for the customer; country, application and dosage. This can include product labelling, allergens, IFRA and customer restrictions.

Any regulatory or technical requirements can be managed using Suitability Management, and accessed during the development process, eliminating delays introduced by manual regulatory checking procedures.

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