Document Management Software

Ingredient and formulation environments often generate vast amounts of information. Documents are needed both internally and for customers. Information contained in safety data sheets, status certificates, product labels and other documents is often very complex and liable to change.

Regulatory, compliance and technical information received into - and sent out of - your organisation can be easily managed with Formpak.

Formpak Document Management features enable you to:

  • - Record and manage information sent to customers
    • SDS, ingredient statements and all technical & regulatory information
    • Easily track and manage updates

  • - Design your own documents
    • Different SDS types; allergen declarations, status certificates, REACH, customer forms

  • - Manage incoming information using certification
    • Supplier communications about status, REACH, HALAL, KOSHER
    • SDS and other technical & regulatory documents

  • - Manage REACH
    • Manage information flow up and down stream
    • Manage the REACH status of ingredients and formulations
  • - Manage the detail
    • Ongoing management of regulatory limits and compliance

Formpak document possibilities:

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