Formpak Document Authoring & Management Software

Formpak software features intelligent solutions for document authoring and management.

Formpak enables you to author many documents and labels, including Safety Data Sheets and Supply labels in 30 languages, Technical Specifications and IFRA Certificates. Additionally, you can easily track the supply of documents and automate revisions and updates to customers.

A standard set of documents is available 'out of the box' including:

Core documents are also available with 5 language translations.

Document Authoring and Management

Permissions and configurable settings within Formpak enable complete control over the document authoring, revision and supply processes.

Examples of choices made by our customers:

Custom Documents and Labels

Formpak offer a custom service for specialist, bespoke and fully customised documents and labels.

Custom documents are often used to gather complex and diverse information such as Product Specifications or simply to adjust standard documents to match brand guidelines and existing stationary. We can also produce customised labels to allow for pre-printed content or even to accommodate regional import requirements.

Case Study - Technical Data Sheet

One of our clients wanted to introduce a Technical Data Sheet, to automate the provision of product and regulatory information to their customers with full tracability and flexible management.

Please read it here.

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