Document Authoring and Traceability

Formpak enables complete and transparent management of the supply of regulatory and technical information. There is an array of regulatory and document authoring tools which allow you to generate Safety Data Sheets, status certificates, technical specifications and more. The software is configurable and flexible so it's possible to generate many different styles of document, with diverse information, in multiple languages.

When documents are supplied to customers or other stakeholders they can be managed to ensure they remain up to date and are also compliant for customers requirements.

For example, when a safety data sheet has been supplied to a customer, the document is retained on the Formpak system so you always know what information you have sent to your customers. In addition, the information contained in the safety data sheet, such as the hazards associated with the ingredient, are monitored by the system. If any important changes occur, the safety data sheet will be automatically revised and flagged for re-supply to any qualifying recipients. In this way, you, your documents, and your customers are always up to date.

For more information please watch our Document Authoring and Management video.

Flexible Traceability

A document is based on a design which combines a customised template and behaviour and contains fixed and dynamic content. The fixed content may include section headings, logo, header and footer content. The dynamic content comes from the properties and attributes of products in the software.

The behaviour of documents when supplied, revised and re-supplied is configurable. The options include conditions which must be met for the document to be generated, the circumstances under which subheadings appear, what document changes should generate a new version and what criteria should be met in order to re-supply the document. This means you can generate almost any kind of document, containing diverse and complex information, which can be tracked, automatically revised and trigger updates to your customers and partners based on rules you control.

It has never been more important to know the status of your products, keep regulatory affairs current, and manage information flow into and out of the regulatory department. Formpak enables you to handle these complex requirements with confidence.