Software for Cleaning & Aircare

Formpak brings you over 30 years of experience supporting formulation based businesses including aircare, fragranced candles and cleaning products. We understand the challenges of product development and product stewardship in a time of increasingly complex legislation and commercial challenge. Our software and service is tuned to this environment to be the most powerful and pratical solution for your business.

Product Development

Formpak is an ideal tool for product development and to manage your product library.

Product development can include projects and tasks which are configurable in the software, or you can simply add formulations without projects, depending on your needs.

You can enter formulations for your products and ingredients, including complex ingredients such as fragrances and essential oils. You can quickly assess the legislative and technical status during product development to determine if the product meets the regulatory and technical requirements for the specific market and application. You can cost formulations in different scenarios, report the formulation to any quantity required and easily add test results, comments or other attributes.

When you update formulations or ingredients a version history is available, so any changes are clear through the life of your product. You can also add checks which highlight compliance problems automatically.

There are many options to help manage your product catalogue. Access to information about product attributes are at your fingertips, both human assigned and calculated properties are possible including product benefits, hazards, format, costs, safety, odour and colour. You can easily add custom fields directly to the software to further categorise your products and retrieve them in ways most useful to your business needs.

Regulatory affairs and compliance

Formpak software enables the calculation of product lists, GHS hazards, allergen labels and other product information which relates to the properties of the formulation and ingredients within them. These properties can be assessed on an ongoing basis so the current status is always up to date. Documents such as product labels and Safety Data Sheets can be authored, tracked and automatically revised based on rules you can control, so you remain informed and in control of updates to vital product information.

By combining the power of Suitability management and Document management you can completely manage the information coming into and out of your regulatory department. Formpak gives you:

Safety Data Sheets, documents and labels

With Formpak you can produce, supply and manage documents such as:

Safety Data Sheets, labels and other documents can be produced in different languages. Please see our translations page for more details.

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