Software for Chemical Industries

Formpak Software is used by many companies across the world to help manage chemicals and their mixtures. The core uses of Formpak are for product and compliance management. Formpak also includes tools for managing product life cycle, product development and projects. Formpak offers efficient ways to manage regulatory affairs, including customisable compliance checks, document authoring, and managing document revision and supply.

Formpak is suitable for managing complex ingredients, such as essential oils and other multi-component substances. Ingredients regularly contain more than one component and each customer industry may have unique information requirements. Formpak works across multiple industries and points in the supply chain. Using our software you can manage the status of your ingredients and the information supplied to your customers.

Information including GHS, chemical inventories, allergens, additives, nutritional and source can be stored at ingredient and/or component level. Formpak has configurable properties, so you can add new properties which are relevant to your business directly in the software. In many cases component data is used to calculate values for complex ingredients and formulations, e.g. GHS and allergens. With scheduled ongoing calculations, the status of your chemicals can always be kept up to date.

Regulatory affairs

Chemical safety and technical information can be provided in various formats, from safety data sheets to complex industry specifications. Product safety labels reflecting the latest information available can be produced. Formpak can be used to determine regulatory and technical compliance for customisable parameters, including suitability for application, country, industry and customer.

Documents such as safety data sheets, and status declarations can be authored, tracked and automatically updated, flagging which customers or stakeholders should be sent updated information. Combined Suitability Management and Document Management offers:

Safety Data Sheets, documents and labels

With Formpak you can produce, supply and manage documents such as:

Documents can be produced in different languages.

For more information about how Formpak can help author and manage documents click here.

Product selection

Product selection is easy using the product library and retrieval features. You can select from existing ingredients or formulations, those items which meet your criteria across:

Simple retrieval tools include instant searches and baskets which speed up regular tasks. Our more sophisticated search tool allows you to find products based on chosen criteria, such as identification numbers, hazards, status, price, properties etc.

Product development

Formpak enables you to streamline product development and gain transparency on the process. The ability to view multiple formulation or ingredient compositions (or versions of the same product) side-by-side means Formpak is friendly to developers and formulators. You can determine if a formulation in development meets regulatory requirements based on customer, country, application and dosage. This includes product labelling, presence/absence of ingredients/hazards, and customer restrictions.