Formpak Case Study - Technical Data Sheet


Global flavour manufacturer


Within the flavour industry a common problem facing our clients is the supply and maintenance of several regulatory documents including QA Specifications, Nutritional Information, Halal and Kosher Certificates, Allergen Declarations and GMO Statements. One of our clients identified a need for an efficient solution to help manage regulatory information with automated document revisions for their flavour products.


A successful bespoke solution starts with the appreciation that each client is different. We find that co-developing a solution with the client delivers the best results.
Our approach was to work closely with the client to fully understand the regulatory set-up of their raw materials and how this is calculated in their formulations. We also reviewed how they communicate this regulatory information. Finally, we assessed how these processes are maintained and managed.


The ideal solution for the client would include the following:


The solution for this project was a unified Technical Data Sheet document that contains the QA, nutritional and status information typically provided over several individual documents.
The information contained in the Technical Data Sheet is generated by a sophisticated network of properties making automation easy. Where necessary information can be easily modified either on a fixed or an ad hoc basis.
There are validity parameters to prevent the document being authored without key information. The document revision is only triggered when specific information has changed, with full history of previous versions. Permission restrictions are also in place to ensure that only regulatory managers can author the initial and subsequent versions of the document. All the validity, revision and permission settings can be controlled by the client.
There is full traceability of the document, allowing visibility on; customers it has been supplied to, the version that was sent, the date it was sent and the author. The client also has control over the re-supply conditions for the document.

This case study is available to download here.