Formpak Case Study - Formpak Software


Rapidly growing flavour manufacturer


We were approached by a company who had experienced substantial and rapid growth. They needed more sophisticated software tools to enable their business to continue to grow and they needed the solution quickly. Additionally, they required a safe way to add all existing ingredient and formulation data into the new software solution.


To ensure the successful implementation for an established business including the migration of large amounts of data, it was imperative we understood the client's existing working methods and data structures. This included reviewing recipe development methods, technical data management, raw material and formulation hierarchy and change management processes.


The client's ideal solution would include:


Formpak software was installed within 1 month and included all relevant ingredient data. The client's ingredient data was matched to the latest regulatory information from the IFRA/IOFI Labelling Manual, to enable SDS and labels to be printed at the touch of a button. Additional client specific data was also included. This enabled the client to develop new recipes far more efficiently with immediate access to recipe cost, regulatory and technical data.
Training was provided via screen share, through training documentation and guides which enabled all the users to quickly adapt to and benefit from their new software.

Subsequently the history of the client's recipes, including previous versions, were added so all core data was centralised. In addition to making use of Formpak 'out the box solutions', the client, with our help, has implemented an automated Technical Data Sheet.

This case study is available to download here.