Software for Aircare

Formpak Software is used by many aircare companies across the world. The core uses of Formpak are for product and compliance management. Formpak also includes tools for formulation development, managing product life cycle, projects and the library. Formpak offers efficient ways to manage regulatory affairs, including customisable compliance checks, document authoring, and managing document revision and supply.

Product management

Formpak's product management tools include ingredient and formulation creation tools with rapid ingredient selection, creation history, easy handling of multi-level formulations and side by side composition view.

Optionally and with permission from IFRA/IOFI, your Formpak system can include a database of ingredients used within the fragrance industry which enables you to add fragrance composition information and generate labels and safety data sheets for your aircare products.

Formpak is also used to manage product libraries, using a combination of calculated properties and assigned attributes. Our Find Matching Items search allows you to easily make complex queries to find relevant items in your library, and even check the compliance status for specific situations and applications.

Using the flexible project system you can customise and build your own project templates to include relevant information capture, tasks, workflow and status, allowing real time collaboration within your team.

Aircare technical and regulatory requirements

Ingredient information such as GHS, IFRA and allergens can be stored at formulation, ingredient and/or component level. Formpak has configurable properties, so you can add new properties which are relevant to your business directly in the software. In most cases ingredient data is used to calculate values for formulations, e.g. GHS, IFRA, Vapour pressure. With scheduled ongoing calculations, the status of your products can always be kept up to date.

Formpak has powerful tools to help calculate and assess technical and regulatory requirements including:

With Formpak you can produce, supply and manage documents such as:

Using Formpak for document authoring and management gives you full traceability and control, enabling you to see which customers had what documents and also manage when document are revised and re-issued.

Formpak gives you confidence in ingredient and formulation status, transparency of information received and supplied and control on future information supply.

For more information about how Formpak can help author and manage documents click here.