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About Us

As many of our long-standing customers know, Formpak is not just about the software. We regularly get feedback that what users like is the personal contact and support they get from the people on our team. So, we thought it was time you got to know them a bit better, and for those new to the company, you can see how important our people and their knowledge and expertise are in making sure we can give customers what they need to run their businesses.


Formpak started its life as Mitron Computer Services in 1982, providing software to the fragrance and flavour industry.

Father and son team Ron and Tim Schneider worked from home and grew the business by word of mouth recommendations (sincere thanks to the countless enthusiastic Formpak users who helped with this).

In 2008 Mitron became Formpak Ltd, with Tim at the helm as Managing Director and a developing vision for the future involving 'New' Formpak. Penny Williams joined Formpak, with a long history in formulation development, regulatory affairs and customer business processes. The combination of Penny and Tim provides a unique problem solving team at the centre of the business to this day.

We are now based in the heart of the UK countryside, at Colworth Park, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, UK. It's a beautiful 100 acre site and home to multiple businesses, many of which are involved in the food, drink and cosmetics sectors.

The Formpak team has grown, the customers have multiplied and Formpak software solves problems for more people than ever before.

The People Behind Formpak

We are not just a bunch of techy nerds, we know the sectors you work in inside out and the different hoops you need to jump through to get your products to market. It is that knowledge that gives Formpak the edge, and it is our people that bring that understanding. Time to meet themÖ

Being Managing Director and Co-Founder, much of my time is focussed on analysing the business problems of our customers, devising what I hope are really neat solutions for them, and ensuring that they are delivered. In the speciality chemicals sector, with its complex web of legislation, regulation and customer requirements, this can be really complex.

In 1982, my dad, Ron, had an Apple computer dealership in Winchester, and I was in there during my school holidays. A perfumer came in, wanting to record his formulations on a computer. We looked at using VisiCalc - the first spreadsheet for any personal computer - which seemed initially appealing, but soon realised that would not enable the kind of reporting that was obviously needed. So, I volunteered to write a computer program to do this - and thus, several weeks later, Formpak was born. Formpak has been with me ever since.

Around me, I am fortunate to have a wonderful team that are absolutely essential to this endeavour. Working together with such a fantastic team who enable Formpak to continue to grow, both in terms of what the software does, and how many companies and people can benefit from it.

Your favourite thing about Formpak Software?

In spite of having been guiding Formpak through its entire existence, its ability to sometimes surprise me in what it can do, when I come across a feature which I had forgotten.

Professional organisations and memberships

When the world is back to normal, I am very much looking forward to being able to meet our customers again at the various industry organisations of which we are members, like IFRA UK, UKFA, BEOA, etc.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

A human duplicator, so that a replica of myself could be produced, and thus we could together get more work done. However, I think itís likely that myself and my replica would drive each crazy, so maybe thatís not such a great idea.

My role is very varied and ranges from helping customers manage changes from data input to integrations with other software. This is often focused on helping customers find the best solution to their problems which is something I really enjoy.

I started at Formpak in March 2017 and I was looking for a company where I could use my project management skills to help make a difference.

Your favourite thing about the Formpak Software?

The software is so flexible. Customers have the ability to customise so much of it for their own requirements and it is constantly evolving.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

A way to be able to temporarily clone yourself to get more done in a day

My role involves working with our users helping them to customise documents and label requirements, including creating notes for specific documents. I also create mock-ups and measure labels, get involved in regulatory discussions and testing documents to ensure they are doing what they need to do for our customers.

I have been with Formpak since January 2018 and what I really like about the job is translating the technical requirements for customers when we collaborate over documents and helping support them in what might be a stressful situation.

I was always interested in IT, from the minute we got a ZX Spectrum at home I was hooked! In each job Iíve always made it a point to see how far I can stretch the software to get the most out of it. From management accounts, I retrained as a teaching assistant and also an IT technician for school. When I was ready for a new challenge, I was lucky enough that everyone at Formpak saw through my nervousness and welcomed me in!

Your favourite thing about the Formpak Software?

I love the way it is constantly changing as customer requirements change.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

Teleportation since I don't drive!

On a day-to-day basis I am coding documents and labels for customers, testing documents, data manipulation and processing and testing the software to make sure it is working well. I love helping to provide customers with new features such as the labelling manual and new things that can be done with documents.

I joined Formpak in December 2018 and I had always wanted to get into coding and data based work and I jumped at the opportunity to join the company when it arose. I have a good ability to learn new coding languages and enjoy putting that into practice.

Your favourite thing about the Formpak Software?

The flexibility of Formpak to work with many different industries and within in that the ability to expand the boundaries of what it can do.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

The next generation of computing, like quantum.

As a Director at Formpak I get involved in everything from helping to solve customer problems, to reviewing the way the software behaves and writing specifications for improvements and changes. I am also constantly looking at ways of improving the business process including working on training content and monitoring external changes such as regulation, that might impact on our customers.

I spent 17 years at the international fragrance house, Belmay, where I grew with the company, and had a variety of technical and creative positions, latterly Chief Perfumer. Formpak was the software we used for creation and regulatory management. When I left to start my own consulting business in 2006 naturally Formpak was the first company I approached to see how I could help, joining as a consultant in 2007 and later became a Director.

What I really love is finding solutions and making peopleís lives easier as a result and because of my industry experience I really understand the different that can make.

Your favourite thing about Formpak Software?

I love how flexible and joined up the software is. You put a little bit of information in, you get much more information out.

Professional organisations and memberships

I'm a full member of the British Society of Perfumers, member of SIPC-the International Society for Perfumer Creators, Deputy Chairperson on the IFRA UK Technical Advisory Group, Chairperson of the IFRA UK group 'Changing Lives Through Fragrance', a member of the IFRA IOFI GHS Taskforce and consultant to IFRA and IOFI on the NCS taskforce, regarding natural complex substances. I also write for ICATS, who provide training for the aroma trades globally.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

A 'time-turner' watch, similar to Hermione's in Harry Potter would be great so I could be in two places at the same time and fit even more into my days! Being more benevolent, it would be great to have cost effective technologies which enabled enough food to be grown in the right places, so no one went hungry.

I get involved in sales demonstrations for new customers and I also play a big role in wider communications about the company. This includes managing the website and support centre as well as providing support to customers. I love the support side of things as I enjoy finding solutions to help new and existing customers.

I joined Formpak in April 2014, bringing with me a strong customer service background which I use to help with our sales approach. I also get to use my creative side to manage and design the website and support content.

Your favourite thing about the Formpak Software?

It has many flexible solutions to help companies from different industries and of different sizes.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

Lightsaber kitchen knives.

What this means in reality is I have to keep abreast of and understand many different legislative documents from all around the world. This helps ensure our software is always up to date, reflecting any regulatory changes that might impact on our clients.

I have been with Formpak since 2019 but I have been a user of the software for over 25 years, so I also get very involved in supporting and training our customers. Direct experience of the software and insight into the fragrance and flavour industries from a variety of other roles, helps me better understand our customers and their needs.

I never really knew what I wanted to do, but I fell into fragrances and flavours via a temp job many years ago from an agency specialising in scientific lab posts. After moving round several departments, a certain Penny Williams offered me a full-time post in her Quality Control/Analytical lab. 25 years later, here I am still in the industry.

Your favourite thing about Formpak Software?

I love its simplicity and its complexity - you can learn the basics in a few hours due to its intuitive design, but it is also capable of astoundingly complicated calculations for the more experienced user.

Professional organisations and memberships

I have been an active member of IFRA and UK Flavour Association's Technical committees for many years and that has continued since joining Formpak.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

A bit boring maybe, but I'd love to see some kind of magic carbon gobbling machine to halt climate change. If it could convert carbon to beer, so much the better!

No two days are the same at Formpak which is what I love about it. I get involved with invoicing, maintenance renewal, sales admin, support calls and customer system installations and updates.

I have been at Formpak since May 2019 and I joined after working in the same company for 19 years, with many years of service desk experience. Joining Formpak felt like the right fit from the beginning, I was immediately welcomed into the team.

Your favourite thing about the Formpak Software?

The time it saves our customers with their regulatory needs.

What technology would you like to see in the future?

A self-ironing ironing board!