About Formpak

Formpak started its life as Mitron Computer Services in 1982, providing software to the fragrance and flavour industry.

Father and son team Ron and Tim Schneider grew the business by word of mouth recommendations (and we'd like to thank the countless enthusiastic Formpak users who helped with this!).

Since 2007, the product development team has been working under Tim's direction to deliver a superior new Formpak with many improved and new features, including:

In 2008 Mitron became Formpak Ltd, with Tim at the helm as Managing Director. Tim's vast knowledge of information technology and business processes underpins Formpak's ability to deliver on customers' expectations of excellent software and support.

In 2009 Formpak was relaunched in a Windows environment, on completion of the first major phase of redevelopment.

Formpak product development is a continuous process of enhancement and expanding capabilities.

Formpak software is used by many companies, with hundreds of users, all over the world. Our key industries are fragrances, flavours, essential oils and chemicals. We also have a growing customer base in consumer product industries such as air care and cosmetics.

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.